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Paris’ Peevy Arkansas Girls Newcomer of the Year

Paris’ Peevy Arkansas Girls Newcomer of the Year

Paris girls head coach Toby Tevebaugh told Lycia Peevy when she was going into eighth grade that he expected her to play up on the varsity team as a ninth grader.

“I had some time to get ready for it,” Peevy said. “Coach said he thought it would be good for me. I was a little nervous but I was ready to give it a try.”

Peevy, a six-footer with guard skills, proved Tevebaugh right by averaging 13.4 points and 7.8 rebounds per game in helping push Paris to the best season in school history. The Eagles finished 29-7 and made it to the semifinals of the 3A State Tournament before losing a two-point game. The fantastic freshman is the Times Record Arkansas Girls Newcomer of the Year.

“She’s a pretty special player, the kind you don’t see very often,” Tevebaugh said. “She’s so quick with her size that she can take it to the basket and score, but she can also pull up and shoot the ball about as well as anyone we have and she can handle the ball.”

As might be expected, there were some bumps along the way. In the early season, the team was struggling and Peevy was briefly benched before a player-coach meeting.

“I think my coaches and my teammates expected more out of me than I did,” Peevy said. “I talked to coach, talked to my dad and to our assistant coach and they all said I could do more. I tried to use it as motivation.”

Tevebaugh said Peevy has barely scratched the surface for what kind of player she might be, an almost certain Division-I recruit.

“For one thing, she is a young freshman and still has room to grow,” Tevebaugh said. “She is just now going to really get in the weight room and she is going to get a lot stronger. You’ll probably also see her step out on the perimeter and shoot the ball and handle it more. She has tremendous potential as long as she is willing to keep putting in the work.”

Local Honorable Mentions:

Charleston: Morgan Prescott

County Line Chenoa Nichols

Lavaca: Bailee Crawford

Booneville: Morgan Osborne

Ozark: Kylie Ladd, Celia Heffington

Paris: Morgan Highfield