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Charleston’s Shelby Hopes To Trump Brothers

Charleston’s Shelby Hopes To Trump Brothers

By Grant Tolley Times Record

Chance Shelby watched from the stands as his oldest brother, Jordan, played quarterback for Charleston and was named Most Valuable Player in the 2008 3A state championship game.

Chance was a sophomore wide receiver when his middle brother, Dustin, repeated the feat as MVP quarterback for another state title team in 2011.

Now a senior, Chance has made a name for himself as the leading wide receiver in Charleston history. The youngest Shelby has more than 2,500 yards and 35 touchdowns in his career. He has also scored touchdowns by punt return and fumble return on defense and has six interceptions this year.

“As a kid, my brothers were always working on their passing and so I was the one always running routes,” Shelby said. “Plus, I was the one that always got picked on. But it’s all good now, they made me a lot better player than I would have been.”

Chance would also probably have had a chance to run the Tigers offense if Ty Storey, a highly-recruited Division I prospect who is orally committed to Arkansas, wasn’t on the team.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Chance would be starting at quarterback at any other 3A school in Arkansas or here at Charleston in just about any other year,” Charleston head coach Greg Kendrick said. “He just happened to come up at the same time as Ty. But Chance just made himself into the best wide receiver and one of the best free safeties in the state instead.”

All those years of running routes for his brothers meant Shelby was never bothered by not playing quarterback.

“I have never thought twice about it,” Shelby said. “Ty is an amazing quarterback and he makes it fun to play receiver. Everybody just does their best to help the team.”

Both Jordan and Dustin Shelby are interested in going into coaching. They have been helping with the team as volunteer assistants.

“They are harder on Chance than they are on anybody else,” Kendrick said.

For Chance, it is no big deal to still have his older brothers looking over his shoulder.

“They make me work, but they have made me a better player,” Shelby said. “I am really glad to have them still around. We are extremely competitive but we are really close, too. We all want to go into coaching and it we are hoping we will all end up working on the same coaching staff some day.”

While Chance’s older brothers both have MVPs on the shelf, the youngest Shelby has a chance to get something they don’t, two state championship rings.

“That’s what we are all hoping for as a team,” Shelby said. “And it would be kind of nice to finally one up my brothers on something.”