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Vesta Community Center ‘Hopefuls’

Vesta Community Center ‘Hopefuls’

By Ruth Cearley

A group of concerned citizens met Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at the Vesta School.

Tracee McKenna, Director of Community Development with Western Arkansas Planning and Development District was with us. She feels we are moving in the right direction and right on schedule.

The 99 year lease on the grounds has been approved pending the approval of the Rural Grant. The school board is excited about our plans for the future.

We have received a ‘Letter of Support’ from Representative Bill Gossage. He expresses support for the award of a GIF 1 Community Enhancement Grant to the Vesta Community in Franklin County.

Ideas for the building were shared by Jim Rauser. He drew and presented a rough draft. After some discussion and a few tweaks, we are submitting the plan along with other forms for our application which is due July 11, 2014.

Candidate hopeful Ricky Bowman joined us in the meeting and shared in the excitement of getting a new home for the EHC quilters along with the Community Building. We or rather ‘they’ have been quilting in the Vesta School since 1943. Mavon Grissom said she was just a big kid when her mother took her to quilt there. (Before that, the ladies met in the homes).

EHC celebrated 100 years in June 2013, but before it was renamed, it was the Home Demonstration Club.