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Arkansas Children’s Hospital Becomes Like Family

Arkansas Children’s Hospital Becomes Like Family

Editors note: This is the third of a 6 part series about area residents experiences at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, which will run leading up to the Charleston Music Fest that will be held at the Charleston Fairgrounds on April 5th from 3pm to 11pm. Proceeds from the Music fest will benefit Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Kendra, an accomplished singer, will perform at the Music Fest.

Kendra Leigh Curbow may know more about Arkansas Children’s Hospital than anyone. Kendra, now 21, was diagnosed with Dextrocardia with Situs Inversus Totalis and Immotile Cilia Syndrome, also known as Kartagener’s Syndrome, an extremely rare congenital heart and lung disease at the age of 2. Essentially her heart was on the wrong side of her body and it was completely flipped over so that the front of her heart was facing the back of her body and all of her internal organs were also mirrored imaged, just as her heart was.

Kendra, the daughter of Brian and Miranda Curbow, was immediately referred to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. There, physicians explained that, not only did Kendra have organs that were not placed properly, but she also had cilia that didn’t function as they should and was missing a lobe of one of her lungs, which could lead to respiratory problems.

Since that time, she has seen doctors all over the state, in Saint Louis and from North Carolina. Kendra has spent a lot of time in many specialty clinics at ACH, as well as the outpatient department, emergency room, and inpatient facilities.

On several occasions, she was admitted at ACH for over a 4-week period. Even during these long stays, Kendra was given such great care and love that she thinks of the staff at Children’s as a part of her family. On the occasions when it was necessary to see a doctor outside of the ACH network, Kendra would become very upset, nervous, and eventually cry and say, “Can we just go to Children’s? They know me there,” her mother Miranda said.

Over the course of her treatment, Kendra has exceeded everyone’s expectations and that’s due to the prayers of friends and family and the excellent medical care she has received at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Miranda said. There was a time that her physicians were preparing us for the possibility that Kendra wouldn’t be well enough to attend public school or go to sleep overs, much less become a cheerleader, graduate from high school and ATU Ozark and own her own business, Miranda said.

Without the skill, hope, and love shown to her and our family, Kendra might not be here today, she added. We will forever be grateful for the physicians, staff, and supporters of Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Kendra said.