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Andrews & Lowrey Rodeo Company Cowboy Reunion

Andrews & Lowrey Rodeo Company Cowboy Reunion

By: Lynda Molton

The children and close friends of the late Billy Hall and Jackie Andrews and Benny Lowrey of Andrews & Lowrey Rodeo Company are having a Cowboy reunion Saturday, February 15th at the Community Center in Charleston, Arkansas.

The gathering will begin at 12:00 with a pot luck meal and visitation. Afterwards Introductions of the families, and more visitations. Lots of fun is planned. Some door prizes will be given along with a silent auction and a few things that Tommy Blevins, son-in-law of the late Billy and Jackie Andrews will auction some items off. Proceeds from the auctions will go towards expenses on the gathering. A donation box will be available to also help defray expenses on the building, food, drinks and etc.

Make plans to attend the Andrews & Lowrey Rodeo Cowboy Reunion this Saturday, Highway 22 east in Charleston, Arkansas at the community center, located on the old rodeo grounds.

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