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“A History Of Ozark” Fundraiser For Harper Shankle

“A History Of Ozark” Fundraiser For Harper Shankle

In 1985, local Historian, history teacher and community leader, Norman Powell of Ozark wrote and compiled the history of Ozark in conjunction with the 150th year birthday celebration of the city of Ozark, Arkansas.

He did so and the booklets were printed by the Spectator and sold for $1.00 each.

As a fundraiser for Mr. Powell’s great, great niece “Harper Shankle”; Mrs. Norman Powell and children has granted permission to reprint his booklet of almost 30 years. The booklet is filled with knowledge that only Norman would have and now he is gone, but his knowledge goes on through his writings.

Harper Shankle is the daughter of Misti and Trey Shankle of Ozark. She is related to Norman through her mother Misti. Misti’s grandfather Billy Hall Andrews was Norman’s brother-in-law. Norman would be very proud to be helping his great, great niece with this fundraiser.

Harper was diagnosed with ” Failure To Thrive” almost immediately after birth and has been in and out of the hospitals all her life, most recently to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and last week to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. Harper has not been able to gain weight properly and has been on a feeding tube for almost a year. She has severe reflux and aspirates almost every time she eats or drinks, Mayo Clinic has found that she has a lung disorder which is causing her these very serious problems. A trip to Philadelphia Children’s Hospital in the near future is on the agenda to visit for more test and hopefully answers to her conditions.

All proceeds from the sale of Norman’s booklet will go to the ” Prayer s For Harper” account to help defray expenses for Harper and the family.

The booklets are being sold for a “minimum donation of $5.00”, but all donations are appreciated. You may pick up a booklet at “MAXIMUM EFX” beauty salon in Ozark, or you may order by calling 479-667-1068.